How do you aim with the bow?

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zandreas6485 posted...
I went to that link but it's still not clear at all, it makes no sense to me.

I just use the marksman sight via trial and error. After a while you just get a feel for it. No clue how to read the actual markers though!

See my post above
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Just do a wanted dead mission and snipe your target before you get 70m in range.
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Imo, Marksman scope or what its called i recommend :) it has a bullet drop graph or whatever on it :)
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Practice and make bigger quivers, the bow is very powerful and should definitely be one of your weapons once you get a second weapon slot. I found myself swearing at the screen many times while thinking "aaaah if I had the bow now..." in situations where it really would have made the difference between absolute success and scrappy survival.
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