Some things I don't like about this.

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I don't like how the map shows the loot and even relics. I haven't bought any of the maps from the stores but it still shows the loot everywhere. I wish that you actually had to EXPLORE the island. It would be way more fun. It's a big map yet it feels kind of boring already. Ubi needs to take a page from Rockstar and have more cool stuff hidden. It all looks kind of the same to. Why not have an old military base or something different than it all looking like it was done in the map editor? I like the game but with everyone saying how it's their GotY I thought it would be better.

And no playing after you beat it? What's up with that? It's an open world game, man. Also don't like how the hints stay on the screen forever. I know I hold RS and LS in a scope, you don't need to tell me EVERYTIME I use one. Just the first time would be enough. The last thing that bothers me is no vehicles in MP. I knew this going in but man it would have made it so much better. As it is I'll never even play MP. Oh and the main guy, Jason, beats out Connor as worst character this year. Vaas is pretty cool though. Oh and the graphics are kind of weak. Way to bright and cartoony plus really blurry and the grass going through everything and not moving.

That's all the main stuff I don't care for. Not trying to tear this game down but if I we don't make our opinions known, how can I expect the next one to address any of this? All in all a fine game though, just needed another trip back to the drawing board. Unlike AC3, I don't regret getting it at all. Just wish they had thought more stuff through.

Komondo dragons do make up for most of this though.
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No game is perfect, hopefully Ubisoft will listen to the fans and put some patched options in for tutorials and huds.
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Yeah, I think stuff like that would be an easy fix. Just hope they care enough to do it. Also hoping they add the preorder bonuses as dlc. They should focus group test games like films. Not to find bus but to change little things people don't like. And options, why can't games have more options? They never have custom controls on consoles. It's 2012, can't we map buttons yet? Or turn off hud elements?
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They simply need to add a realistic mode or some in-game options.

No items on the mini map.
No more flashing objects.
Reduce what's on the hud.
Limit the use of bandages and add the ability to craft them.

And the first three ought to be rather easy enhancements.
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donothin posted...

forget tigers. I tried to take the shortcut and swim from beach to beach to get to the radio tower through that lovely clear water. quarter of the way there a shark attacked me. I went back and took the land route. =/
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I dont like how he suddenly takes to killing like riding a bike. 5 minutes ago you were sh****** your pants and crying to your brother!
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