Far Cry 3 in 4 words

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4 years ago#41
Not Skyrim with guns
4 years ago#42
Best sandbox game now
4 years ago#43
Sack Making Simulator 2012
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4 years ago#44
Hurts like a mother.
If read by accident, provoke vomiting.
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4 years ago#45
F*** Komodo dragons, period.
"I ain't that dude that'd be braggin about how I'm spendin bucks/
One, I ain't rich and two, most of them tend to suck" -Dee-1
4 years ago#46
I haven't played yet..... :C
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4 years ago#47
Damn proud to finally be a part of the United States Air Force.
Bread is INFINITY!!!!
4 years ago#48
Ride of the Valkyries.
4 years ago#49
I'm tripping balls man
4 years ago#50
Ubisoft you did it!
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