Things we learn from Far Cry 3

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4 years ago#31
that you can drive a car off a cliff, get out of the car while being on fire, run into the water to put it out and get grabbed by a crocodile, and still be okay but jump 5ft with wingsuit deployed and a faceplant will kill you.

that if you are driving a quad and it rolls over on you you will be fine.

Jason has the strength of a Spartan (or vice versa) and can flip a truck all by himself.

you can recover from getting your throat slit or neck stabbed but only if a team shoots you full of drugs
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4 years ago#32
plant leaves are bulletproof.

you get the perfect shot, all lined up, then BLAM! miss. cause the plant leaf blew in the way. what's it made out of?
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4 years ago#33
Drugs and tattoos are all you need to wage a one man war. No experience necessary. Also using drugs gives you prophetic dreams about people and events.
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4 years ago#34
You can be a dumb ass and not buy this game day one, then have to run out to the store later on, buy the game and miss out on Pre-order bonuses.
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4 years ago#35
Being a Hypochondriac helps you out in the long run (Jason must have a REALLY sore arm from all those needles he takes)
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4 years ago#36
Don't play poker with a slave trader.

Taking a shot of sambuca on an island is the best way to prepare for the worse.
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4 years ago#37
Komodo Dragons are NOT to be trusted...
4 years ago#38
Flamethrowers effective range is right at your feet.
4 years ago#39
Running into a weed field you're stealthily trying to blow up while yelling "BLITZKRIEG" always works
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4 years ago#40
All poker players have the same accent and annoying voice.
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