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#51GlitchwerksPosted 1/25/2013 10:49:34 AM
From: MrDummy | #050
Which patch, the one with ability to turn off HUD?

There's no new patch. The dude is just plain late with his information.
#52MrDummyPosted 1/25/2013 1:49:10 PM
Thanks for letting me know.
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#53The_Milk_Man13Posted 1/25/2013 2:55:51 PM
sgr8 posted...
and yes weapons getting stuck etc got fxxed.

- Fixed issue with accessing the camera and the throwing rocks.

*Sees glitch is fixed, turns on Farcry 3 to continue the story. Camera and rocks still inaccessible*

Reaction to finding this out?
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#54PopularVwPosted 1/25/2013 3:00:53 PM
Patch 1.04 incoming for the camera/rock glitch.
#55rttnPosted 1/25/2013 5:50:38 PM
PopularVw posted...
Patch 1.04 incoming for the camera/rock glitch.

source? as far as i know they haven't said anything about that patch making its way to consoles.
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