I don't know if it's my game...

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User Info: nyte_blayde

4 years ago#1
I experienced little/no glitches through 2 playthroughs, without any patches or anything. Just the game disk and my saves. Reading about most of these glitches people encounter and I haven't come across any of them.
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User Info: Big_Ed_Mustapha

4 years ago#2
Same here
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User Info: opi

4 years ago#3
here too. if a million people don't get a glitch, nobody mentions it. if one person gets a glitch, it's fully talked about.
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User Info: OnePolishGuy

4 years ago#4
It s little weird for me...i get absolutely NO glitches in the single player (except disappearing bodies just recently), and almost no network problems on multi. Once in a blue moon I have to wait 30 seconds to log on, but that hasn't happened in at least a month.

Hearing about these game breaking glitches, like losing your camera, sounds miserable. Luckily, there are no cameras in co-op or multiplayer :)
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User Info: Billy-De-Kid

4 years ago#5
One time after doing a Trial of the Rakyat, I couldn't move. I was just staring at the giant rock. So I restarted my XBOX and I could move again. Bad glitch with an easy fix, I like that.
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