Anyone here actually shoot?

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3 years ago#1
I love the "feel" of certain guns in this game. The shotguns have realistic range and the recoil and attachments are pretty accurate to real life. It's one of the things I most appreciate about it. I really would love realistic physics but I suppose that's just too much to ask.

Anyone here actually shoot and if so what?

I regularly shoot a remington 870, a h&r pardner protector for HD, a rock river AR, a mosin nagant, and several types of hand guns (45 acp, 9mm, 22) I love my shotties though. I love how they handle in the game and irl.

Also....can anyone recommend some games with great gun physics as well? I know of several but just trying to pick a few brains before I paint the walls with them.
3 years ago#2

Bushmaster XM-15, heavily modified (ar-15) target shooting, emergency/crisis rifle.
Springfield XD Service .45 ACP. Use to be my duty pistol, carried it for a few years then purchased it when my standard issue changed (changed employers). Emergency, crisis sidearm.
Springfield XD Sub-Compact 9mm. Back up emergency pistol, off duty concealed carry pistol.
Stupid Glock .40 as duty pistol.

Use to have a lot more, now I only keep what I use. Practice with all of them. Also a firearms & tactical assistant instructor.
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3 years ago#3
Nice. The Bushmaster is a sweet platform and would be my go to gun if I could afford its weighty pricetag. The Springfields are really well made and shoot well.
I have to lean to bolt action and shotguns for budget concerns. The AR is used and just can't touch my mosin for accuracy. It could be a great SHTF gun if I dump a load of cash in it but for now it's just a toy.
Still...I just love the shotguns. Versatile, easy to maintain, racking a load is that sweet "omg" song no intruder wants to hear and ammo is plentiful and cheap cheap cheap. My pardner is a 150 dollar war club but it has never had an issue in the time I've owned it. Probably my cheapest yet "best" gun.
3 years ago#4
If you don't mind...what's your MOA with the Bushmaster at 100 yards?
3 years ago#5
The guns feel pretty good in the game. I've gone though owning a few guns;

Ruger 10/22- Who doesn't own one of these? Great cheap plinker.
Ruger Mini-14- Ok gun, but I didn't really enjoy it. I'm more of a 30 caliber kind of guy at this point.
Chinese SKS- Great, affordable gun. Accurate, strong, and cheap to feed. Mine is now in a Tapco stock and with those "evil" detachable magazines. Total political BS storm.
Mosin Nagant- Great long range shooter.
Remington 870 Tactical- Great shotgun that will last forever. Set up for home defense, extended tube, door busting break, and a full length stock(pistol grips suck for accuracy).
Ruger P95- Very well priced, rugged and accurate shooter.

Just ran though the guns that I own or have owned. Shot many other guns, but funds are tight now, and the price gouging is crazy right now.
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3 years ago#6
That's a decent list. I love the rugers....the mini 14 is a cheap reliable gun. A real tack driver if accurized and the 22 plinker is something I think just about everyone has fired.

I also agree that the BS political pandering is driving the prices on everything crazy!!!! I have seen ARs in the 4000 dollar range with clips as high as 100 bucks! What!? Always with the tag "Get it before the ban." Let's not even get into the fact that many of the most well known public shooting incidents have taken place under assault rifle bans or used guns that wIll never be made Illegal in the US.

The mosins are just great. Totally accurate (if you get a good one) and a proven man stopper (thousands of dead Nazis can't be wrong). I would love to have a good SKS. The problem is finding a good one locally that I can actually examine before purchase. The online guns scare me a bit and with a gun this old NIB is usually an out right lie. Is yours Chinese or eastern block?
3 years ago#7
It was an unissued Chinese SKS. The Chinese models are less desirable, but I don't know why. They are higher quality than the Yugos, have chrome-lined barrels, and better, smoother actions than the Russian models.Got it over the summer for a cool 300 bucks from my local shop. He specializes in surplus guns, so I had a huge selection to choose from. Great rifles, very similar to a Mosin in the respect that it is so cheap to find and shoot, that it can be a much better choice than other higher end rifles. Ruger has been a great brand and I'm looking into a Take-Down 10/22 when this hysteria stops.
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3 years ago#8
Don't mean to double post but a NIB SKS is very possible with an unissued Chinese model. Many were mothballed as soon as they came off of the line in the factory.
"It's not over yet!"- Liquid Snake, MGS1
3 years ago#9
Couple of quick facts....last year 801 people were beaten to death with someone's bare hands....611 were beaten to death with blunt objects....348 were killed with rifles...and that's all rifles...not just "assault rifles". Most of those were done with a typical hunting type rifle with no chance of falling under the ban.

I guess I just don't trust people generally...and all of these NIB gun posting show weapons that seem to have wear in the picture. Just my experience. Like I said...if I could find a good one local I would dive on it. A buddy of mine just picked up a lightly used Lee Enfield with numbered strippers, ect. A beautiful gun for 150!!!
3 years ago#10
Yeah, the stats are in our favor. I would love to have an Enfield but .303 British is really hard to find. I'm looking into a Makarov or two in a few months, maybe a Mauser K98, and a 22/45 pistol for getting my family into shooting more often. The Fienstien ban now includes pump shotguns and many handguns, but many people are seeing now that a ban is not the answer.
"It's not over yet!"- Liquid Snake, MGS1
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