Thinking of getting this - any gamebreaking glitches? How is the story?

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I'm not hiding just done with your lack of comprehension. At this point I'm going to take this for what it is....words on a page in a game forum. Here you can be forever right.

Okay, whatever you say.

I stand by what I said. The trolls are the worst part of this game.

The only one who trolled here was you, but that's the last of it and the rest of us can go back to discussing the story now, right?
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If you're lookin for a game with a good story, stay away from this! The story and characters are the worst aspect of the whole game (even everyones favorite bad guy isn't as exciting as people make him out to be). Though for FPS fans I suppose it would be better than the usual CoD story. Maybe that's why its scoring higher than it should? I personally gave it a 7/10, and I only got about halfway into the game before putting it away.
I could no longer 'force' myself to do the main missions (yes I had to force myself through them), and I had done what little exploring there was (next to none). But other people will swear on it being the best game of 2012. I listened to that hype and now I am left with disappointment.

So the story blows, the characters are boring, the 'open-world' is EMPTY, and NPCs are a nuisance! Wait for the price to drop to like... 20? Unless you're a FPS fan, then you might get into more. Or a fan of Assassin's Creed since it copies a lot of elements from there and mixes it with FPS.
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