Games Radar wants FC4 to cut the map editor (link)

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2 years ago#11
It would be nice if they could make decent SP, MP AND Co-op but if something has to be cut I think most FC fans would say co-op. What I think they SHOULD do is make the editor work for all 3 modes.
2 years ago#12
I like the jungle setting I just wish they added a bit more it all looks the same I most games on big maps like fallout skyrim GTA , Red dead redemption etc I knew EXACTLY where i was on the map from the surroundings with farcary 3 I could be anywhere.

It would also be nice to find a few random encounters.

Its a very good game they just need to add more depth, they would have been fine with just one island with more variation. I have found a few cool places but they are few and far between. ~Nothing like the first time I found black reach in skyrim.

Skyrim has a much larger map i would think maybe 10 times the size and everywhere is different I never got bored running arround skyrim.
2 years ago#13
i think they should have a number of environments for the story mode maybe in these places

Amazon Rainforest
Africa (mainly containing a some desert, some savanna and maybe some okavango delta)
Urban wasteland (maybe a deserted washington DC or something)

thing is Far cry hasn't explored a post apocalypse situation yet and they really could do a hell of a lot with a setting like that and still keep it "far cry"
Resident GFAQS Toyota fanboi/ Drift Master
2 years ago#14
From: 3CDED | #013
Urban wasteland (maybe a deserted washington DC or something)

Ehhhh. Fallout has done a better job of that then Far Cry could ever do. Been there, done that.

Dead Island did a pretty decent job of having multiple environments including an abandoned city, it's just that the armed combat was pretty awful. Melee combat was exceedingly well done though.

You could keep Far Cry 4 in Asia or Africa and have an urban environment. There are some interesting areas in FC3, just not enough of them.

Some good DLC could even go a long way to improving FC3, I just don't think any is coming since there's been nary a peep from the devs.

Which is disappointing. While I do have a lot of issues with the game, it is a lot of fun.
2 years ago#15
Ick_uk posted...
Skyrim has a much larger map i would think maybe 10 times the size and everywhere is different I never got bored running arround skyrim.

That's actually not true. Skyrim is SLIGHTLY smaller than Oblivion and FC3 is the same size as FC2. Here's a chart that shows the difference between Oblivion and FC2:
2 years ago#16
for me, now that the dust has settled, FC2 was better overall so i'd rather they do another game in africa. take a lot of elements from FC3 (like the squirrel suit, but give us the 80's guns and reputation/buddy systems, BEING AN ACTUAL KILLER BEFORE the game stars etc) and i would love it.

i would also like a return to the real time map.
2 years ago#17
Also keep the takedowns. The takedowns are awesome. I wish there were takedowns in FC2.
2 years ago#18
yes, although maybe a new skill tree that is more useful? a lot of the stuff in there i never used. but hunting was also awesome (well, except for the sharks that was dumb). maybe more RPG elemnes that let you effect the world (like choosing a side in a fight, and then having those people populate an area or their enemies become yours, etc)

and no taking over outposts. FC2's solution was better (i know the respawn was screwed up) - reputation. and it makes sense that once you've killed a few hundred people that everyone would want to run away from you. i loved that aspect.
2 years ago#19
If they did cut the map editor it would be borderline suicidal for the MP. That's really the only thing it has that most other FPS don't.

If they could take the best features from FC2 and mix them with the other improvements 3 made it would be one hell of a game.
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