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3 years ago#1
So i've put off playing Far Cry 3 since its release, for multiple reasons really, but a major one was...I believed the Dinosaur DLC was a real thing...yeah i know...

Is there any actual story/campaign DLC planned for the future, or after Crysis 3 can i finally start Far Cry 3.
3 years ago#2
Why on earth would you believe dinosaurs were getting added? Just curous
Play Slow Die Ignorant
3 years ago#3
^because gamefaqs has the dumbest most off topic posting of any game site? if its not that i'm at a loss. ;)

putting off far cry for dinosaur dlc.

i myself am putting off buying mass effect 3 until they add the old west DLC with horses and carriages for transport. and revolvers, the apex of gun technology, d'uh.
3 years ago#4
Red Dead Redemption had zombies.

TC, as someone who put off playing Far Cry for a couple months because of my backlog, I can say I'm sorry I waited.

Go play it instead of waiting for DLC that probably isn't even real.

(I base this statement on a quick google search that gave me nothing but speculation and poorly modded vids)
~I was stomping goombas and saving princesses long before most of you were born.
3 years ago#5
Im going to make a game and in the dialogue ill mention every awesome thing ever and come back here post release and grab some popcorn. Given the time this has gone on itll need to be one of those massive 3 way popcorn tins too
Play Slow Die Ignorant
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