Hows the dlc content?

#1HELZEROPosted 2/19/2013 12:10:01 AM
Anyone try it yet?
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#2drewpot2001Posted 2/19/2013 7:39:30 AM
You mean the crappy pre-order bonus early unlocks and missions that they're not trying to resell? Not worth it at all.
#3nothingbeastPosted 2/19/2013 8:42:42 AM
My walmart copy came with buzzards.

They tend to pick at corpses.

It's a nice touch but nothing worth writing about..... yet here I am doing just that.

*self mind blown*
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#4shagadelicPosted 2/19/2013 9:35:44 AM
The Gamestop pre-orders came with the "Monkey see, monkey boom" pack which I actually enjoyed quite a bit. The missions included were as fun as anything else in the campaign and Hurk was a funny character. Worth getting, IMO.
#5GlitchwerksPosted 2/19/2013 10:15:19 AM
Worth it? No, not really. But I get my Microsoft Points for free through Bing, so I bought it.

I enjoyed it, but it should have been 400 points. Then I would say it's worth it.