What are the story quests?

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So far I've realized that the many quests are the missions with a yellow ! Symbol. However, I do not understand why there are "story quests" and seem to be side quests. They do not seem to impact the main story in the slightest. Is there any point in doing them besides the cash?
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lllPride posted...
Is there any point in doing them besides the cash?

Not that I'm aware, I finished the game and did only a couple of these. Some of them were quite funny though, but there seems to be no real point to them that I can see.
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Nope. On the PS3, you won't even get a trophy for doing all of them.
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It can be a quick way to make $ and xp.
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From: lllPride | #001
Is there any point in doing them besides the cash?

You'll get a syringe recipe from doing the side quest "Once More With Dignity," but it isn't a very useful syringe (Nature Boy, see plants.)

None of the side quests are particularly interesting though. The DLC side quests are actually good though.
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