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Most efficient way to take out heavy dudes? (Archived)
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Need a seperate music volume patch (Archived)GSBoogerFace512/9/2012
I don't see how to get up this tower *minor spoilers* (Archived)Takuru412/9/2012
IMO the lack of good quality ragdoll is the main issue with the game (Archived)
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Far Cry 3, Assassins Creed 3 or Darksiders 2? (Archived)INEEDHELPWEE2412/9/2012
People aren't giving the AI the credit it deserves (Archived)Hedorian712/9/2012
i have twelve hard drives to decode (Archived)Jarl_Ulfric_S212/9/2012
MP stats. (Archived)JohnWall32212/9/2012
House rules? (Archived)xXNeoNinjaXx212/9/2012
Just published a map called SPACE STATION (Archived)RepublicanThug312/9/2012
Special syringes? (Archived)Gnarly_B212/9/2012
Crashed at the f***ing credits! *spoilers!* (Archived)PhoenixHunter89112/9/2012
For those who have played Far Cry 2.... (Archived)glassghost0912/9/2012
Anyone else getting bored with this game? (Archived)
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Map editor shadows are horrible. (Archived)usmovers_02112/9/2012
Wow, this game really opened up for me... (spoilers) (Archived)Trunks1289112/9/2012
DANG! Jason Brody is HOTT!!! (Archived)BeautyAndABeat512/9/2012
Do you need 100% or just all relics to get full Tatau? (Archived)
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Where the hell are these ambushed dead pirate dudes that I am supposed... (Archived)CCisMaiWaifu512/9/2012
Sambuca shots? (Archived)
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