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I don't really like first person shooters... (Archived)N7Spectre707912/6/2012
I like to run around with the bow like a maniac and slaughter animals with it (Archived)PrettyBoyMarth812/6/2012
So PS3 gets an exclusive DLC, will the 360 get any exclusive DLC also? (Archived)paperfastcars712/6/2012
healing glitch? (Archived)EricDraven59312/6/2012
Favorite mission? (possible spoilers) (Archived)Vexx1313212/6/2012
I get my copy in 2 hours. So excited. (Archived)
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Ubisoft is missing the major selling point for this game... (Spoilers? Maybe?) (Archived)
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Using cover (kinda dumb) but how ? (Archived)
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Gamebreaking bug, camera and rocks are gone.(spoilers) (Archived)MetalMonster398112/6/2012
High Tide is a nickel and dime scheme (Archived)
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Unlocking new skills.....how exactly? (Archived)littlecletus712/6/2012
Multiplayer split screen and party system. (Archived)Ramner84812/6/2012
Can you sell syringes you don't want? (Archived)Michael-kun212/6/2012
Jason, his family and friends... (Archived)ish0turfac3512/6/2012
Which tower unlocks the bow? (Archived)OmniGod_Boy912/6/2012
Future DLC? (Archived)BTM4444912/6/2012
Shouldn't map stay opened after finding a tower ? (Archived)crazybot312/6/2012
Game animation body physics (Archived)detbasketball13712/6/2012
Split screen multiplayer question (Archived)BTM4444412/6/2012
So, how is it? (Archived)
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