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First.......revenge!!!! (Archived)j0066553512/2/2012
Who wants to play Far Cry 2, while we wait for release? (Archived)k0mwii412/2/2012
New review is out (Archived)MGSDizzle112/2/2012
Why do people keep using syringes on accident in the videos? (Archived)Socrato812/2/2012
To the people who remember Farcry: Instincts Preditor (Archived)Milk_Core812/2/2012
Won't let me join multiplayer? (Archived)csukar212/2/2012
Are the missions open ended like fc2? (Archived)Dragon91978212/2/2012
The AI awareness looks really stupid. (Archived)
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ONE OF THE MOST EPIC MISSIONS IN GAMING! (no story spoilers) (Archived)TheCongo612/2/2012
I don't get it... (Archived)creilly88512/2/2012
A few questions about melee (Spoilers). (Archived)Jharmar112/2/2012
As some one with a mental illness... ( spoilers..) (Archived)Laughing_Cat212/2/2012
Is there a demo? (Archived)divisional212/2/2012
I really love the music, but I cant help but notice (Archived)runner5676112/2/2012
Tapirs? (Archived)Indelacio412/2/2012
Can you customize the knife camo? (Archived)Blackheart360412/2/2012
Should I just waste all the money on maps? (Archived)hi_polymer612/2/2012
any tips for hunting the maneating shark with a bow side mission? (Archived)mattyp111412/2/2012
Now I know how people with arachnophobia feel like (Archived)
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Is it true that you can add AI animals AND humans to your maps? (Archived)OnePolishGuy712/2/2012
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