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Not much talk about multiplayer? (Archived)WhiteHusky84212/2/2012
Everyone in the EU region quit playing this game. (Archived)
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Vaas (story spoiler) (Archived)Armeda512/2/2012
Some really great map editor vids (Archived)TheHoneyBadger512/2/2012
Anyone else wish this game had a silent protagonist? (Archived)Dude_bag912/2/2012
DLC Region Question (Archived)SydLosttarot212/2/2012
To late to pre-order from Gamestop? (Archived)jaymart_2k312/2/2012
Do enemies stop appearing in an area completely once you takeover an outpost? (Archived)nice one Trev712/2/2012
Map Editors Unite!! (Archived)
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Hands down BEST Game of The Year. (Archived)
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Map editor holds the future for this title (Archived)
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Weapon loadout? (Archived)Dude_bag212/2/2012
Question on the bow. (Archived)
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anyone down for some co-op ? (Archived)Laughing_Cat212/2/2012
So you HAVE to play it stealthy? (Archived)
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Can you equip your combat knife? (Archived)yaajmane312/2/2012
more weapons in multiplayer than single player?(possible spoilers) (Archived)SharpSpear681312/2/2012
Anybody know if passive 3d tech is in... (Archived)kingleg312/2/2012
I got some top notch gear (Archived)I_End_Zombies112/2/2012
Ok i beat game 5 top thoughts no spoilers (Archived)sheilasboy512/2/2012
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