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Two nights of work.... (Archived)DolemiteXP712/2/2012
Post your screen shots here (Archived)Xeeh_Bitz112/2/2012
"It's like Skyrim with guns" (Archived)
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rewards for collectables? (Archived)afredo2312/2/2012
One this game doesn't have, that all the other Far Cry games had (Archived)Buddy_Dacote712/2/2012
So has this game already been confirmed as a great game? (Archived)
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Anyone else get a Dishonored vibe from some of the melee executions in this? (Archived)Gnarly_B912/2/2012
does anyone else find that... (Archived)invictius312/2/2012
I'm only allowing myself one game, Far Cry 3 or Dishonored. (Archived)
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gun takedown (Archived)th3nobodi3s312/2/2012
To the people complaining about framerate and tearing... (Archived)
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Perfect Light2412/2/2012
If after clearing all outposts the Islands become dead, I think that's a problem (Archived)
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map with locations of everything (Archived)afredo2112/2/2012
Is there actually some punishment for killing friendly npcs? (Archived)chaos_belmont412/2/2012
Is this better than Borderlands 2? (Archived)MisteurPatou212/2/2012
Anyone got their copy from The Hut (UK) yet? (Archived)EvilAngel1984612/2/2012
Far Cry 3 - Lost Hollywood Star Locations (Archived)odds_323112/2/2012
Levelling up and hunting (Archived)AAANGRY412/2/2012
Do Jasons comments change when he skins animals at higher levels? (Archived)Bellethor512/2/2012
Install size (Archived)Creeping_Dark312/2/2012
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