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CO-OP free roam? (Archived)milkshakes793612/1/2012
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Stutter? (Archived)
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Just HOW BIG is the World?? Not as big as you may think..... (Archived)PercySJ812/1/2012
Is their any "Invisible Walls" in this? (Archived)zerooo0412/1/2012
Does increasing difficulty actually make the enemies harder / smarter? (Archived)The_Remembrance412/1/2012
Bought Far Cry 3 today and got Far Cry Instincts Predator for free. (Archived)Yuri_LowelI612/1/2012
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How do so many people have this? (Archived)
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Does the commercial for this game remind anyone else of the movie Turistas? (Archived)Omniphagos212/1/2012
Played for a few hours on pc today, very pleased (Archived)Mitsumanic412/1/2012
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No respawns, no more enemies = no fun (Archived)
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When can i use more than one weapon? (Archived)mrstriker815312/1/2012
Whats the point in sticking ai, vehicles and weapons in editor and cant use them (Archived)PhoenixHunter89112/1/2012