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After watching the new trailer, this game is a "must have" for the SP alone. (Archived)usmovers_0276/5/2012
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Music from the trailer? (Archived)TheCrazedMadman16/4/2012
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Beta confirmed. (Archived)
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Multiplayer Looks Like Call of Duty.... (Archived)
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No Vehicles = Better chances of tighter, cleaner more logical gameplay! (Archived)
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Sign if you are in the Beta and cant wait. (Archived)zerooo065/30/2012
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Your Reaction: You run cross paths with Jack Carver somewhere on the island. (Archived)United_World85/24/2012
My beta coed does not work..... (Archived)Ramner8465/23/2012
i bought ghost recon. here is my beta access key. good luck (Archived)UchihaSasuke117105/23/2012
Interview with the FC3 devs (Archived)
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Tree Whips (Archived)
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is there anything in the way of character customization for multiplayer? (Archived)viewmaster_pi35/21/2012
Will the flare gun be making its return? (Archived)viewmaster_pi65/18/2012
So then will we be able to use our own maps for xp games (Archived)readyaimfail35/18/2012
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