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Anybody have an online pass they don't want? (Archived)Blibble32128/18/2013
Project Spark embarasses FCs "hole tool" on their first try. (Archived)usmovers_0258/10/2013
Any nice person have an online pass code they don't need? (Archived)Death_Lingerer58/8/2013
If I like Blood Dragon should I get this? (Archived)eric_chills78/6/2013
Predator Pack Sniper - Where do I get it? (Archived)Cashaddi38/4/2013
help with fire please (Archived)TheRabid0ne48/2/2013
Got 2 DLCs already, can I get the rest separately? (Archived)Cashaddi18/2/2013
Been a while since I've played.. (Archived)GuyFawkes538/1/2013
FC4 announcement soon. PLEASE listen this time Ubi! (Archived)
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Co op lights out? (Archived)Clickclakblaow27/31/2013
How far am I in the story (minor spoilers)? (Archived)ggazoo47/29/2013
This game is VERY impressive! (Archived)VexNoFace37/28/2013
I usually don't care but this was a little disturbing. (Archived)SaintFC_67/27/2013
Awesome game, funny plot inconsistencies(SPOILERS) (Archived)Mturtle37/26/2013
RT to join Citra (Archived)MisterSvR27/25/2013
Just bought... Do you need the multi-pass to play co-op? (Archived)Death_Lingerer47/25/2013
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Question about deleting a game and keeping the save (Archived)Mrluzo37/22/2013
Any games on 360 or Steam similar to this with the outposts/tower type system? (Archived)Agnostic42057/22/2013
Will I eventually max out my skill tree? (Archived)angeloglorioso47/21/2013