Snow seeds!!!

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User Info: Beldum555

4 years ago#1
I'm looking for a interesting snow seed to prance around in, any ideas?
Share your seeds!!!! :]
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User Info: Rip_Van_WinkleX

4 years ago#2
Exact seed: Destiny<3

95% is snow with a little land at the top right
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User Info: vega2505

4 years ago#3
"Futanari" has a lot of snow and frozen desert areas.
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User Info: clavocruz

4 years ago#4
Mermaid Murder is also a decent one. It's the one I play the most on now. Has two lava spots on surface, as well as a HUGE cave where you can find literally every ore towards the northern part where it goes from the snow to the green grass.
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User Info: TwistedSaint

4 years ago#5

User Info: Warablo13

4 years ago#6

User Info: VividAxis

4 years ago#7
The seed:
saved by zero
is almost completely full of snow. I'd say about 80% of the map is snow. And it has interesting natural scenery.


4 years ago#8

Not kidding you. It's 100% snow. It's amazing.
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User Info: DeathShinigami

4 years ago#9
vega2505 posted...
"Futanari" has a lot of snow and frozen desert areas.

Wow.No comment.

Nobody google that seed.
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User Info: Static870

4 years ago#10
vega2505 posted...
"Futanari" has a lot of snow and frozen desert areas.

Just why? Sadly I didn't even have to google that.
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