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4 years ago#1
Alright i have found a great seed that so far right after you spawn i have found 14 pumpkins and atleast 10+ stacks of clay! Pumpkins: As soon as you spawn turn around and you will find 14 pumpkins. For the clay as soon as you spawn, look left and you will see some trees, walk towards them. Keep going until you reach the water and then look right and there will be a clay spot there with about approximately 6-7 stacks of clay. The other clay is located diagonal from where you are over by the sand patch on the water. If you have any questions, you can add me and ask on xbox: XxAssassin330xX enjoy! :)
4 years ago#2
Holy crap pumpkins and clay hell yea but does it have coal and iron?
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4 years ago#3
What Would the name of this seed be?
4 years ago#4
Wow i am sorry lol totally forgot to put the seed lol, and iron and coal maybe havent explored a whole lot yet because right off the bat i looked around and saw clay so i went to town on it lol, i will explore more and let you know and the seed is: 4815162342
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4 years ago#5
And there are tons of trees and sand and dirt.
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4 years ago#6
Halo_806 is a great seed. I've found 19 stacks of clay as well as 15+ pumpkins. It's got some great views as well as a surface lava fall too. I recommend anyone to check it out.
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4 years ago#7
Does this seed have water and lava?
Ive been looking for a seed with both FOREVER!!!
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4 years ago#8
Actually we have a mixup on the seed i am working on correcting it
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4 years ago#9
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4 years ago#10
SEA_ posted...

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