PC version is okay with an xbox controller

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4 years ago#1
A lot of people hate using a controller on the PC but I can tell you it works very well for this game.

I bought the PC version and I'm using my xbox 360 for Windows (wired) controller. (The standard xbox 360 controller will not work, fyi.) I used Pinnacle Game Profiler to map the controls. Within 30 minutes of fine-tuning it's really smooth. And I have an old computer - 3Gig RAM, 3Ghz dual core Pentium, Windows 7 64bit.

The cost is slightly more than what will be available on the 360 later but I got a newer version and I get updates for free instead of having to pay for DLC when they start that business on the xbox so it's actually cheaper in the long run. I was planning on getting this game for the 360 when it's released but not anymore. Being able to change any button, sound file, or image file makes it so much better. I haven't even started to look at mods or to try joining a multiplayer server but I'm sure they have some great things on those fronts too.
4 years ago#2
The Minecraft PC board has some good, old veteran members who still post there. Gastroid posts the most. You'll find help there as long as you don't ask questions you can easily look up yourself on the Minecraft wiki or try to tell them something they already know.
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4 years ago#3
Thanks for the insight. No doubt the wiki is great. I've been using it when I want to know how to craft something.

I posted this topic here to let xbox gamers know it's better on the PC. I'm an xbox gamer myself. I don't play games on the computer but this is the one exception. You always hear that controllers on the PC are really bad. But it's fine for this game and I wanted to share that with this group of people.
4 years ago#4
Thing is if i wanted to play on a pc i wouldnt be here would i? Doesnt matter if i can use a controller to play it, i wanna play it on my xbox simple as

This thread is just failtastic to say the least
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4 years ago#5
i played the pc version with a controller and it ran fine.

but i rather play it on my xbox with my xbox friends on my tv :)
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4 years ago#6
I think the only thing that would annoy me with the controller on PC would be moving things into the crafting menu, as shift-clicking has solved large inventory to chest movements.
Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani?
4 years ago#7
You can map any sequence to any button. Shift+Mouse Click isn't a problem at all. I even have my right joystick button setup to be a crouch toggle and left joystick button makes me sprint.
4 years ago#8
i hope so i am kind of worried about it.
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