List cool seeds you know here.

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4 years ago#1
I'm trying to get a few cool worlds and I'm pretty sure others are to so if you can post a seed and give a short description.
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4 years ago#2
ice tastes better melted

We tried that randomly and it was pretty solid. Pretty fun.
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4 years ago#3
I don't have this game yet. (Month Xbox hiatus) Would someone be so kind as to test this seed.


It has great mountains, but I'm not sure if it translates well to the Xbox version. And when I mean great mountains I mean super duper mountains.
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4 years ago#4
I just got the game and I tried ESCAPING (all caps). A friend of mine was playing Quarrel at the time and told me that was the first anagram she got, so I used it. The island you start off on has a nice beach with lots of sand, and toward the back of the island is an oasis. The rest of the islands appear to be tiny, but tall, and there are tons of trees. I have yet to explore the other islands yet, though.

In Guru Larry's review, he said that his name "Guru Larry", turned into something kind of fun. His world appeared to have very little water, but tons of cliffs and other rocky outcroppings.
4 years ago#5
Glacier- lakes with giant mountains, some floating, around the water. ~ Visit for awesome content!
4 years ago#6
XBOX360. Giant mountains that put you above the clouds
4 years ago#7
Does the seed ID have to be a certain length? Or can you just try anything that will fit?
4 years ago#8

If this is the version I think it is, that puts you inside a dark cave. If you can get out of the cave, which isn't too hard, you are in a MASSIVE valley that I think has its surrounding mountains reaching to the cloud layer, and a dessert outside the huge hole in the mountains on the opposite side of the valley. Its beautiful.

I also remember 404 being a neat seed, because it would spawn you on a gravel beach that, when struck, would collapse you into a huge cave. This created the 404 challenge, where you did just that and tried to survive as long as possible underground.
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4 years ago#9
Sp Map /

Viking = small sandy island spawn near arctic/snow Biome with a cool waterfall nearby, the one major con is that there seems to be a large number of creepers out and about on this map . still early going here.

Mp Map/

Infarction ( I myself have have had two fatal heart attacks/ Shock paddles forever baby).
= Lots of desert on this one with sporadic forest and ocean biomes seemingly dropped at random. lots of deep hole in the ground type caves.
4 years ago#10
Bump for more seeds
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