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4 years ago#1
I just found out the the map only goes so far in this version, does anybody know if they will fix this or why this happened?
4 years ago#2
Oh boy...

Wait for it........
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4 years ago#3
wait? wait for what?
4 years ago#4
Because I don't want you Noobs Crossing the border into my City..
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4 years ago#5
In case people DON'T storm this thread and destroy you for not being aware of one of the most discussed issues on this board (I'm not mean like that, but that's what game boards do)...

There are many ideas of ways it COULD be remedied, but no one knows for sure whether or not they have any plans of "Fixing" the size issues in any way.

It happened either because of technical limitations of 360s or because of lazy porting.

I've yet to see proof either way (Doesn't mean proof hasn't been shown here. I just haven't come across it), but people argue either one depending on their opinion.
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4 years ago#6
It has something to do with laziness.

Minecraft for the PC is 8 times the surface area of the earth. They could have gone a lot bigger if technical limitations were the problem, you don't need all that amazing of a PC to run minecraft smoothly. Xbox doesn't have much RAM, but a computer with 8 times as much and the same processing speed would have no problem running it, so it should at least get like 1 times the size of the earth.
4 years ago#7
personally, I think you may have been right as it does not seem likely that they will increase the map size, at all
4 years ago#8
Yeah they're likely not going to.

But I read that if you make a portal to the nether, and then make a separate portal inside the nether, it teleports you to a separate world. So rinse and repeat, and you have unlimited map size.
4 years ago#9
I describe a method, in detail, that 4J could have used to make the world larger here:

They just decided to do a quick and easy port.
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4 years ago#10
I doubt it has to do with being lazy. They did a good job with bringing this to xbox, problem is the xbox can't handle everything that pc can. I think it was either because of limitations and to avoid the game freezing consoles or just being overall laggy. It could change as time goes on with updates as they figure out ways to make it work. But other than that the map size doesn't bother me too much as i've been playing a while and heven't run into the invisible wall, you notice it the most if you constantly worry about it. I'm just glad I can actually play it now, due to the fact that my pc is crap and can't run minecraft without freezing.
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