Good cheevo seed?

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4 years ago#1
I am missing Bake Bread, The Lie, On A Rail, Into the nether leader of the pack and when pigs fly. Any help would be appreciated.
4 years ago#2
For bread, you just need to keep hitting the grass until they give you seeds. Then you create a hoe, tilt the land with it (near water) and plant them. They take awhile to grow though, they will be ready to be farmed when they turn dark tan on the tip of the plant.
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4 years ago#3
Good to know, but could someone give me a seed?
4 years ago#4

You could try those two seeds for the saddle for when pigs fly. Hope I helped a bit. :)
Although the sky is blue, it's always black.
4 years ago#5
Apart from when pigs fly you don't need a seed since long grass is everywhere so you can make wheat and then bread, you just have to follow a chicken for an egg then use more wheat find some sugar cane which isn't hard then get some iron make 3 buckets and find a cow, leader of the pack is random really, on a rail again just find iron and into the nether you just need to find 3 diamonds make some obsidian (lava+water) mine it done. For all of them you can just do while playing normally but leader of the pack and when pigs fly might be hard. Just play and you'll get them eventually. Also a good seed for when pigs fly is worstseedever
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4 years ago#6

When you spawn there is a dungeon directly below your feet. Put it on Peaceful, mine down to it, open chest, take saddle.

Then the fun really begins trying to trap a pig and drop it.

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