LF hunger games map/survival map

#1deathgangs12Posted 5/20/2012 2:04:32 PM
Topic says it all just want to join someones so I can save it for me and my friends thanks
#2Phant0mLimePosted 5/20/2012 2:06:45 PM
How do you save it lol?
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#3lord_abortionPosted 5/20/2012 2:10:18 PM
Phant0mLime posted...
How do you save it lol?

I'd also like to know how you plan to save someone else's map. The only way I know of sharing worlds involves a few "unorthodox" methods.
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#4deathgangs12(Topic Creator)Posted 5/20/2012 2:15:00 PM
Oh I thought you could...maybe you can't I could have swore someone on here said you could save someones map you played on that sucks if you can't haha