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T Flip Flop Latches

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4 years ago#1
Hello everyone, I was looking at the wiki on rails and noticed a section that said this "By placing a Detector Rail as the input of a T Flip-Flop latch, you can make a toggable turn every time a minecart travels over the rail. This can be very useful to divide minecarts evenly between two or more tracks if there is a large number coming in."
I was wondering if anyone could give me assistance on how to make a t flip flop latch, since I'm not very experience with red stone. I went to the t flip flop section in redstone circuitry and just got completely lost, since I don't know where the rails are supposed to go in the provided diagrams. If it helps, I made diagram A to the best of my knowledge correctly in the picture under the t flip flop section. Thanks if anyone can help me.
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4 years ago#2
Problem solved, thanks Team ZRO.
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