Looking for an ocean seed. For a survival island.

#1PhoenixHunter89Posted 6/17/2012 5:58:18 AM
Title pretty much says it all. It must have a few trees.
#2yankeefan03Posted 6/17/2012 9:17:46 AM
I'm interested in seeing the answers to this.
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#3SuperMilk8868Posted 6/17/2012 10:25:58 AM
I cant remember if the seed was "farm" or "the farm". Either way the starting spawn is on a small island to the west. It has lots of other islands and a big middle area thats basically a mountain.
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#4TheWitchHazelPosted 6/17/2012 11:02:46 AM
I experimented with a lot of seeds and found "sanora" to be quite adventurous. I spawned in front of a vast ocean, half of it frozen and plenty of land behind me with snow caps. There's even a "Mount Everest" kind of mountain out there. It's not quite a survival "Island" but has plenty of water and caves.
#5DeimirPosted 6/17/2012 11:15:19 AM
The seed Stick has more water than land, with lots of little islands.
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#6PotentialCyborgPosted 6/17/2012 11:21:30 AM
"Rome" has the top half completely water, with a chain of smallish islands with trees.
There's also a small bit of snow, a desert, pumpkins and sugarcane on the main land.
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#7PhoenixHunter89(Topic Creator)Posted 6/17/2012 12:39:15 PM
Thanks guys Rome sounds good. But so does the mountain one. I will look through them all.