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>An Epic Map Seed Inside>

#1shadowantiPosted 6/27/2012 9:20:30 AM
Map Seed - Rukia

i was just randomly typing in stuff from anime, and games and this popped into my head,

Great flat areas for towns, buildings but amazing mountains and caves

I don't have a PvR so i cant get any recorded/Snapshotted (ill try facebook screenshots later on?)
(if anyone can get good quality stuff into the thread about this seed itd help)
there's a lot of Sugarcane and clay (4 large yields of clay from exploring so far)
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#2Legit_AllmightyPosted 6/27/2012 1:38:17 PM
Is there desert and snow?
#3shadowanti(Topic Creator)Posted 6/27/2012 2:18:25 PM
Yes, theres Desert,Snow,Clay,Cacti,Sugarcane,Pumpkins,mountains,flat*ish* ands, forests
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