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User Info: AtlasGuy689

4 years ago#1
I believe there should be a skin creator not like you can't make one on the PC and import it to your 360, but a creator that you could make your own custom skin and maybe pay 50-100 microsoft points fair enough?

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User Info: PlatinumGamer1

4 years ago#2
How about you pay 50-100 MSP for it and never pay to use it.
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User Info: AtlasGuy689

4 years ago#3
Actually that is a better idea thank you for posting that.

User Info: Evil_Squidward

4 years ago#4
It'd be weird to implement.

We'd probably have to pick from pre-made textures and just paste them onto a blank character, and that'd be blegh.
Or, if we could actually make our own, it'd be so tedious with the xbox.
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User Info: koutsu88

4 years ago#5
"still wants"
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User Info: AtlasGuy689

4 years ago#6
Well not saying you would have to pick from the skins already made you could create your own like color, torso, pants, feet, and head.

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