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3 years ago#1
Of course GTA V is huge so my usual friends are always on it and talking about it and i'm getting tired of always hearing about it so looking for people, with mics to talk and play with

plz no racist or homophobic people plz
my GT iS BT KllrInstinct
3 years ago#2
Just think on October 1st when they release GTA Online what its gonna do to that friends list.
GT: Tennessee Tux
I am the angel slayer, here comes the final battle, Hell is on my side.
3 years ago#3
90% of my friends are playing GTA V also haha. I know how you feel. Sent you a message on Xbox.
Founder of Minecraft Wrestling Federation {Xbox 360}. I play games to have fun rather I win/lose. GT: Dahweirdacus
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3 years ago#4
Yep, most of mine are playing GTA as well. So looking for some people to play minecraft with. Ad my Gt: Stentaur
3 years ago#5
I've noticed a 100% fall in Minecraft playing since GTA was released. Since GTA was released, i've played minecraft 4 times with friends....and 3 times was the same server.

Dosn't help that I play GTA 5 too. XD
Scorch3000 - The Lone Wolf of Coldforge
3 years ago#6
I'm down to play. Gt is in my sig
GT: L301LKALKMAN Actual Spelling: l301lKalkaman
Games: GTA V, Payday 2, COD BO2, Defiance, Minecraft, NBA 2k13, Battlefield 3, Dead Rising 2, Skyrim.
3 years ago#7
Same exact problem here...only I don't have the game, don't really want it either. I cleaned my friend's list tonight due to a lot of people on my friend's list saying they will probably never get back on. my gamer tag is alias46913 and I'll play with ya! :-)
Gamertag alias46913 for Xbox 360, Ps3 alias_46913
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