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How can you tell which LAVA block is the source block? (Archived)Geist75/16/2012
If you have a fireplace, do you need a chimney? (Archived)Nordini75/16/2012
At the current state the game is on right now, what can we do with redstone? (Archived)MarteenGreen45/16/2012
Question about Peaceful setting (Archived)
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Hard mode really doesnt seem any harder. (Archived)Mander186145/16/2012
Anyone helping with saddle/cart achievements? (Archived)Gritz_N_Gravy1325/16/2012
Help with Double Doors opening in sync (Archived)MirageMew255/16/2012
Trials vs Minecraft (maybe already posted?) (Archived)midnyghtsson26535/16/2012
I need ideas on what to add to my house... (Archived)shayminguy765/16/2012
Diamond armor, your opinion (Archived)184548163678105/16/2012
help with staying online (Archived)harvey94045/16/2012
How do I create a sky bridge? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Looking for people to play the game with (Archived)michael10229145/16/2012
Can you upload screenshots without a Facebook account? (Archived)Skeif1375/16/2012
When do we just call it Minecrack and stop kidding ourselves ? (Archived)
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Lapis Lazuli? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Creating a new world, wanna help? (Archived)Albelnox9125/16/2012
Minecraft friends (Archived)RighteousPixel65/16/2012
lava and water sources? (Archived)llkop85/16/2012
So what's the point of autosave? (Archived)XxStigmaxX35/16/2012
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