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If you like the Show LOST, type in LOST for the seed! :) (Archived)
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Saddle.... (Archived)goollon35/11/2012
Every... Freaking... Time (Archived)Evil_Squidward75/11/2012
So... What is there to do at night? (Archived)BlackFeathers55/11/2012
Minecraft noob (Archived)Refreshing30315/11/2012
Can someone explain the differences between the PC version and the Xbox? (Archived)flyugy230055/11/2012
What do you guys think of my castle? (Archived)Gritz_N_Gravy1345/11/2012
How do I make bone meal? (Archived)SuperHoneyBunny45/11/2012
Is there a way to get infinite lava in this version? (Archived)Homie_20235/11/2012
New to the game... Farming question. (Archived)link4485/11/2012
Redstone Wiring Questions (Archived)LouIsCool22265/11/2012
Tips for a first time minecraft player (Archived)
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Are you guaranteed to have every kind of block in your world? (Archived)WazzupGenius0065/11/2012
Playing the 360's trial made me realize..... (Archived)PathlessBullet55/11/2012
Can we brew potions in this version?? (Archived)Kenichi8735/11/2012
Is it possible to make larger boats or other types of sea vessels? (Archived)DrunkenJin45/11/2012
Anybody want to start a "neighborhood"? (Archived)jjr36011105/11/2012
Pocket Edition (Archived)xXbacchusXx55/11/2012
what!! no food bar? (Archived)
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host permisison (Archived)GotenkssjFused55/11/2012
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