Mad Hatter Photo Album

#1Darksidejedi87Posted 11/16/2011 8:52:52 PM
Has anyone completed the Mad Hatter's photo album? I took pictures with every character in Fantasyland and he's still telling me I'm making good progress but the task has not been completed. I'm not sure what else to do and there are no walkthroughs yet. Help!
#2vashdastaPosted 11/16/2011 10:32:38 PM
i don't think there's any characters to take a pic of for that quest. the pics i remember from that one are statues around the alice ride, theres one of the rabbit and theres one for chesire cat, there should be blue circles on the ground if you have the quest activated in your adventure journal
#3Darksidejedi87(Topic Creator)Posted 11/17/2011 10:12:55 AM
I took pictures of the Cheshire cat in the wall and that statue of the white rabbit too and still nothing. I took every photo pass picture too, just in case and still nothing.
#4RedDeerRebelPosted 11/17/2011 10:44:31 AM
Not there yet but knowing the park is it maybe the caterpillar above the ride on the mushroom?
#5vashdastaPosted 11/17/2011 11:33:16 AM
when u have a quest activated theres a yellow line that moves along the ground to tell you where to go the line will stop at a blue circle with an arrow on it pointing you which way to face to take the picture
#6Darksidejedi87(Topic Creator)Posted 11/17/2011 8:27:09 PM
Yeah the yellow line path keeps leading me back to Mad Hatter and he keeps telling me I'm making good progress. I know what you mean about the caterpillar, since I've been there before. I'll check and see if that's it. Thanks.
#7Darksidejedi87(Topic Creator)Posted 11/17/2011 8:47:40 PM
I got it! I missed taking a picture of the mad hatter's house, which was the last one I needed. =D
#8vashdastaPosted 11/18/2011 2:11:26 AM