So we will be fighting robots this time around right?

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1) 343 had nothing to do with reach.
2) how was the lore butchered? if Bungie says thats how reach happened, then thats how it happened, and as far as i know there aren't even any contradictions between the game, and the books anyways.

1) I apologize I didn't mean 343 had anything to do with Reach, i'm just talking about the major changes from the book to game.

2) Im sure it bugs the hell out of a lot of people that they have read The Fall Of Reach only to finally play the game Reach and discover it's nothing like the book at all, even though bungie says books are canon.
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Scorpion122178 posted...
They land on Onyx, its the only thing I can think of. Maybe another corrupt core like 343 GS and his army of sentinels? idk really but it would be kinda weak if we go from fighting aliens and alien parasites to just fighting tin cans.

If this happens I will have a "nervous breakdown ending with me running into a plate-glass window screaming "everyone's a robot!"". Cookie goes to anyone who catches the reference without looking it up.
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In terms of canon lore, the games take presedence over the books.

If there are any contradictions between the Fall of Reach and Halo: Reach, then it's the book that's wrong. Not the game.
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^Doesn't make it any less annoying though, considering the book came out wayyy before the game.
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