The removal of bloom is the absolute best thing that has happened to Reach

#31JamesOwnzMazPosted 11/12/2011 10:48:53 AM
Did Bloom ruin the sniper riffle?

I was a beast with it during Halo 2

terrible with reach at it
I'm L
#32The_BeansterPosted 11/12/2011 8:53:14 PM(edited)
JohnO_o posted...
Does this really need to be here? This seems like such a happy board.

It's like you came to a bed of roses and planted a cactus. :(

This is a happy board because we have hope once again that there will be a Halo game that isn't full of broken elements, like bloom. Hopefully, the board doesn't get poisoned by all the baddies coming on here trying to argue how bloom was amazing and required uber skill to use and needs to be in H4.

The TU gives me hope that 343i has their heads on straight and will give us a worthy successor to H2/H3 multi-wise with H4.

:edit: Why are people still on here arguing that other Halo games have had bloom? No other Halo game has had bloom on a headshot weapon (CE pistol doesn't count - it had no bloom if you tapped the trigger). Nobody cares about bloom on an assault rifle, and that isn't what people are talking about when they say bloom is broken and needs to go.
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