New leaked image?

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devil mingy posted...
Following up on Crysis mods, I found this:

Add a digital counter and some blue to the scope at 1:02 and compare to what we see in the leaked pic

I'm pretty sure this is just a Crysis mod. I certainly wouldn't complain too much if Halo 4 did play like Crysis (the first one), though.

This. Crysis has the potential to be the best FPS series out right now and tbh I would love if Halo took some things from the Crysis book.
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^ Just keep the Halo AI (in particular how it handles the player becoming invisible in front of them) and vehicles, get rid of the stupid "tactical options" thing from Crysis 2, and keep Richard Morgan as far away from the script as possible (also from Crysis 2), and I would probably play the hell out of a Halo/Crysis fusion.
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The HUD is lifted straight out of Halo 3. There's even a spot for spike grenades. Something tells me those won't be in this game.

Plus, in the upper right portion of the screen on the HUD, there is a DMR and a battle rifle. That seems odd.
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Fake... It is crysis, and here is a pic of that elite (on the right).

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What's making me lean toward "this is real" is the creature facing the player. Reminds me of the Timeless One/ Primordial. Even if he is missing a set of arms.
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^Didn't read the thread huh?
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Richard K. Morgan is an excellent writer.

That is all.
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