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4 years ago#1

Its great we can record moments from our previous games but anyone else wish we could edit clips together? Perhaps have some Halo music to select from as well to go with it?

Also if the video features makes a return they have to do something about fast forwarding, it takes WAY too long.


4 years ago#2
Why not just make the montage on your computer? If 343 does the same thing as Bungie, you'll be able to download your clips off the website. Then just edit them your own way.
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4 years ago#3

Just asking. I'm not too good with computers.

4 years ago#4
That would be pretty cool, but I honestly got sick of montages by the end of Halo 3. It seemed like everyone and their little sister had one, and they were all stupid. I remember in Halo 2 when only the pros and extremely good kids had montages. That was like waiting for a movie to come out, you just got excited. Now its like "Oh another colonel grade 3 has a montage with clips from social... whoopie."

Ended up just noobs playing MLG to get cool looking no scopes and ****, which is why I always liked to go in with my team. Even 50s in MLG screaming "THATS GOING IN MY MONTAGE" got extremely annoying after awhile. It was the same with kids having GTs like "Sick IS BACK". Shut the **** up, you never went anywhere so nobody cares that you're back. Cocky little kids that think they are going pro because they won a few games in gamebattles or have a team (with no synergy lol).

Sorry for the rant. :/
4 years ago#5

^^Rating system? Bungie's favorites?

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