New Bulletin - Hitscan BR, no beta, HUD elements not final

#1TheSPPPosted 3/7/2012 9:53:40 PM
Since no one made a topic for it yet.

Most interesting parts:

Does the BR have spread? Is it hitscan? –xBrutaIity

The BR is a three-shot burst weapon. It is hitscan. In its current tuning, it has recoil (not bloom) which causes it to rise slightly (in a predictable and suppressible way). It is not a replacement for the DMR as has been discussed in the community. You will not see bloom as it currently exists in Vanilla Reach on any weapon, but there will be different methods for reticle targeting that vary depending on the weapon, and players will have a wide arsenal of weapons to choose from. More news about that later.

Will there be a public multiplayer Beta, like the Halo 3 and Halo: Reach Betas, where everyday people got to play them? With this being 343's first Halo game and entry in the franchise, it seems like something very important.

While we are testing Halo 4 code, gameplay, and systems at significant scale to get excellent data, input, and feedback, we are focused on polishing and shipping our experience for the duration of the year, and splitting resources to manage and build a beta is not on our schedule.

In the new footage we see the game type set as Slayer yet the score goes up not by individual kills but by points. Is this a custom game? A new Slayer variant? Or is this how the default Slayer scoring is going to be? –zNiTeY

The footage of MP you saw is taken from our internal Network test build and actually features a mashup of various game styles and UI elements, so don’t spend too much time trying to figure out what’s happening in it, because outside of surface elements, it’s not going to teach you a lot about any particular game mode. However, our new implementation of Slayer will score differently than the traditional 0-50 method of yore, and is one of 100 things we’ll share with you more deeply in the coming months.

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From: TheSPP | #001
our new implementation of Slayer will score differently than the traditional 0-50 method

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The BR in Halo 2 had hitscan too didn't it? That a major plus in my eyes
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Hitscan BR is a good thing for sure, but I really don't want them to change how scoring works in Matchmaking...
#5PatchworkPosted 3/8/2012 12:13:05 AM
I liked the whole 1 kill = 1 point system. C'mon, maaan.
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Hitscan = laser
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*ahem* they also confirmed that the Covenant WILL return... but will be the "least of your concerns"

so, minor enemy perhaps? and the elites remain an ally?
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TS scoring should be damage/point based not 1 kill=1 point.
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Great read.
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From: fineline122 | #008
TS scoring should be damage/point based not 1 kill=1 point.

lol no
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