Halo 4 should be a shooter RPG.

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4 years ago#11
I'm just a multiplayer guy; only finished 3 and reach for the multiplayer rewards, to be honest. The story and settings are great, but I feel like the only diverse missions require driving a new vehicle.

Most of the time, the only single player games I enjoy are RPGs or barrow RPG elements. I can totally see Halo being.a shooter rpg, from my knowledge of the game. However, not being very in tuned with the story, I couldnt really come up with ideas to make it different then any other game.
4 years ago#12
So basically you are saying that you love Halo but it's too boring and you want to change the gameplay up completely. I can feel the love.
4 years ago#13

yet another example of bad constructive criticism.

4 years ago#14
Born_Stellar has a Mass Effect you sir are correct at least when it comes to the first game, great story very dull game play, the second game was basically a Gears of War gameplay rip-off with very,very,very,very watered down rpg mechanics, and the third game well i have it and am very,very,very,very,very hesitant to play it cause i feel like bioware is going to screw me over

but basically i had the same thought as the TC until i realized that it just wouldn't work within the already established lore of the series, you could probably get a away with a halo rpg focused on an covenant elite as the main character, but you most certainly couldn't do a halo rpg focusing on the Master Chief or any SPARTAN for that matter as the main character, it would just feel stupid and cliche, which imo those are the 2 things that you should never feel when playing a halo game, so the though of a halo rpg on paper sounds and looks nice but in actual practice would probably be either a low point or spell the end of the franchise
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4 years ago#15

derpyfoot posted...
It's such a great hybrid genre. If it's just an FPS I won't even get it; I love the Halo series, but I've never beaten a single game because they're so boring. Picture it playing a little more like Mass Effect or Deus Ex.
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4 years ago#16
There are already plenty of shooter/RPG hybrids to choose from (Mass Effect 1-3, Fallout 3/NV, Deus Ex, etc.). We don't need to turn Halo into one.
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4 years ago#17
Halo was going to be turned into an MMO at one point. I'm not saying it has a chance of becoming an RPG, but it does have enough (well, more then enough) in-universe information to be easily constructed into an RPG. You can easily transform the spartan system into an RPG character system. I don't understand why people would hate that idea. It also breathes new life into the series, much like what Halo Wars tried to do. I'm not a Halo story fan, but it seems logical; I heard the story-line is actually has a lot of depth, also.
4 years ago#18
halo should never be a RPG shooter. it just wouldn't be halo. but i think i a tactical squad-based shooter might work.
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