I as a Halo player who started in CE, would like some of these changes.

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masterchief6154 posted...
My thoughts on the subject are simple.

I don't like CoD, or Battlefield. I DO like Halo. Halo can add any features it wants, even if they closely resemble/copy either of the others, so long as they add the Halo flavor to it.

Really, it's kind of like Vanilla Coke. I don't like vanilla, but I do like Vanilla Coke, because of the Coke part that is still there.

By the way, I've been playing Halo since CE as well.

No offense, but from the way I read your post, it basically said this to me:

"I don't care how much Halo changes, as long as it looks like Halo in appearance!"


"I don't care if a future Halo plays like a different game, as long as it's called Halo I will love it!"

Either way, it sounds kind of hypocritical imo.

Also, I dislike some of these changes, and I have also been playing Halo since CE.
So just putting that out there, there are people on both sides of the argument.

Also, I like chocolate and dislike peanut butter. I also like Reese's peanut butter cups.
I also like CoD and I like Halo. However, I do not want Halo to become more like CoD with each installment.

But again, everyone has a different opinion.
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"Instant respawn, not sure if gusta. That would ruin the feeling to Halo slayer, a noob would instantly go to hunt you or something, plus, how will I be able to teabag those who are noobier than me?!"

And I just realized that would eliminate tea bagging... Wow.
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From: BigCatFive | #012
And I just realized that would eliminate tea bagging... Wow.

No, it won't.
XD your logic is beyond flawless. In fact, it's so far beyond flawless that it's gone full circle and become completely moronic. - Burnzie
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So you pretty much want CoD with a Halo Skin.
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UltiMaxius posted...
So you pretty much want CoD with a Halo Skin.

halo will never be call of duty or like it

after seeing these screenshots + the making of vid i think it stayed pretty much the same with some changes and thats a good thing
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I have been a halo fan/player since CE and these changes after thinking about it i dont mind really. Halo is the reason i bought my xbox and i love the universe so much that i have 2 halo tattoos. There is so much story and ideas that microsoft can use that i dont mind how many games or books come out.
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