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4 years ago#1
1. Choose between 4 of the equal precision weapons (BR, DMR, Carbine, NR)
2. Choose 2 of the4 grenade types (Frag, Plasma, ?, ?)

3. Choose BR and Stickys like a good guy
4. profit
4 years ago#2
no. Frags for the win
Twenty-three is number one!
4 years ago#3
BR and stickies.
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4 years ago#4
DMR and Frags

I'll probably alternate all the precision weapons though, with the DMR and BR being my mains
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4 years ago#5
5 bucks they bring back spike grenades and make em needle grenades

paypal ready
4 years ago#6
As long as I can start with my Carbine, my body is ready.
4 years ago#7
What about the assault carbine?
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