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So, I doubt it'll ever happen, but a guy can dream...

I absolutely HATE melee in pretty much every shooter nowadays. Especially CoD's knives. Halo is one step behind in the sense that it takes two button presses to kill someone via melee, but still...If I have a gun, I think that'd be a bit more effective than blunt force trauma (Hence the special hate for CoD, and its one-tap knife kills).

I honestly think melee in games should be limited to disorientation factors, or assassinations (Save for special weapons). And what I mean by stun factor is that it does a little damage, but its primary function is to knock someone's off target/balance for a second or two, either as an escape method or just to get a tiny edge in a close quarters fight. Granted, I see the issues with something like "stun lock" or whatever...which is why I said off-target/balance. You'd still be able to aim and to hit back, but you'd have to compensate for being hit.

Though I get spartans are extremely physically powerful, it sort've ruins the game for me with everyone having this amazing two-hit button to kill anything in front of them as long as they press it first. I'd rather have actual gunfights.

Anyone agree?
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Nah, sorry. Halo still has the most satisfying melee attacks of any shooter out there, and the reason I like them is because of how powerful they are. The rest of us have been bashing our fellow Spartans in the face since if you're not used to it by now you might wanna get started :P
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^ eh, this. I like Halo melees
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duckfreek posted...
^ eh, this. I like Halo melees

Only thing better were the assassinations in Reach.
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The melee in reach and halo 3 were both pretty bad imo. It was pretty good in halo 2 back when you could BXB and crouch to dodge. This was often overshadowed by the BXR, but a simple combo type system could have the potential to work well if implemented right.
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As long as they don't bring back the bull**** Halo 3 melees I don't care.
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