I spoke too soon... It looks pretty good.

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I agree. Only thing that is bugging me is the ranking system.

Have they said anything about it?

No, but with join in progress and Spartan points, I'm assuming it is not going to be as good as H2/3. But we don't know yet, which is why it's bugging me.

If join in progress was limited to social playlists but not ranked playlists it could work I think
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Gameplay footage looked swag, but I'm still afraid of no trueskill ranking and some of that dumb loadout stuff.

Every other day I see something that gives me hope for this game, and then I turn around and something else comes out that makes me fear what Halo 4 is turning in to.

Also, lol that 9 shot. I understand it was intentional, but that was still sad.
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