What is Spartan Ops?

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So we know that these missions are free DLC, will come out on a weekly bases, and will have the scale of the single player. What I want to know is if these missions will have their own exclusive maps that are not recycled from the single/multiplayer or will it be like Spec Ops where the missions are slightly altered campaign missions.

We know there is a story as well... Cutscenes? Will we get to use our customized Spartans or are we new characters?


#2SantaPawsPosted 4/22/2012 8:24:16 PM
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Mostly likely it's weekly challenges that tweaking campaign missions/ firefight with slightly different enemies, or objectives you have to go for in order to get your weekly dose of exp.

It's possible that they could release a new weekly forge mode type map with set objectives, but just don't expect anything huge in the way of new content.
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Are they really gonna be free?
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JohnnyCageMK posted...
Are they really gonna be free?


@Famine, they said Spartan Ops is supposed to be a weekly Campaign for Spartan IV's, so I'd guess brand new maps since I doubt Spartan IV's have only visited places the Chief has, but it's hard to say given the time constraints for weekly DLC.
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