Maybe I'm just out of the loop.

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_Sawyer posted...
- Perks
- Customizable Loadouts
- Spartan Points
- Spartan Ops
- No Firefight
- Weapon and Armor Skins
- Unlockable Weapons
- Regularly implemented Sprint
- No Elites in MP
- Random Weapon Drops for power weapons (a variation is a killstreak-like system were you call in which ones you want).
-Join in Progress.
- No 1-50 ranks or Arena

The only big problem I have with this list is the unlockable weapons. I find that to be disheartening. I've never played CoD, but after putting in quality time in BF3 (which I do enjoy), I hate how people have unfair advantages just because they have time to play more. I always loved that about Halo. As far as weapons were concerned, everyone was on equal footing and it was just how well you were able to use them or how quickly you got to them.

Hopefully the unlockable weapons are just exact copies of the starting weapons, but look slightly different.

Killstreaks would also suck too though, now that I read over the list again, haha. Oh, and how does "random" drop for power weapons equate to killstreak-like system? I might not be fully understand this point.

I can adapt to the other changes just fine.
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xHughJasx posted...
Unlockable weapons doesn't change gameplay

'Then' = a point in time. 'Than' = a comparison of something. You gon' get it right or what son?
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xHughJasx posted...
_Sawyer posted...
- Perks
- Customizable Loadouts (Halo reach had this to an extent) da F*** u talkin bout?
- Spartan Points (It's a currency system...which Reach had) is is exactly the same?
- Spartan Ops (An awesome Co-Op multiplayer mode...what's the prob?) ok
- No Firefight (FF was boring and no one played it just look at the numbers) cuz reached sucked
- Weapon and Armor Skins (TOTALLY GAME BREAKING) maybe
- Unlockable Weapons (who cares, doesn't change gameplay) I guess you havent play any reacent cod?
- Regularly implemented Sprint (Finally) lets move on before I rage
- No Elites in MP (WHO CARES) I give ya that
- Random Weapon Drops for power weapons (a variation is a killstreak-like system were you call in which ones you want). sux
-Join in Progress. (Halo needs this) I have mix feelings
- No 1-50 ranks or Arena (Not confirmed one way or the other yet) Really? Really? REALLY? REAL-Ly? REALLY~? GTFO

That's most of the changes being made, big and small.

I would've just said "Call of Duty: Halo", but you probably wouldn't have believed me.

I feel better
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