Is it confirmed Halo 5 will be on the next console?

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The 360 will have only seen 3 Halo games so far. Unless you count the Anniversary game and Halo Wars.

And honestly, there were only 2 Halos on the original Xbox because it's lifespan was 4 years. The 360 is going on 8.

2005-2012 is 8 someones math is off

Oh so the 720 is coming out this year? boy they sure kept its release a secret didn't they.

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there was a video on Gamespot yesterday about that very topic.

There was an job ad for 343 studios for a graphics person ( not sure the, and it was for developing graphics for the current & NEXT gen Halo Games...

So yea once this is finished/ released ( Halo 4 ) I'm almost positive they are getting to work right away on the next gen version.

I doubt it will be ready for Holiday 2013 Launch of next gen but We will probably see it on next gen 2014. Which will be awesome.