Best notable weapon in all of Halo

#1whitepsychtigerPosted 8/4/2012 11:10:41 PM
Best notable weapon in all of Halo? - Results (73 votes)
6.85% (5 votes)
Halo 3 BR
10.96% (8 votes)
Halo 2 BR
27.4% (20 votes)
Halo CE Magnum
45.21% (33 votes)
Other (Pleas Specify)
9.59% (7 votes)
This poll is now closed.
For me it would be the Halo CE Magnum that thing was just so damn powerful...
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#2PharoahPelicanPosted 8/4/2012 11:13:41 PM
The Magnum was just stupid... It was a pistol that acted like a rifle...
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#3phatdragon13Posted 8/4/2012 11:20:05 PM
Scarab gun
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#4baxter28Posted 8/4/2012 11:52:20 PM
phatdragon13 posted...
Scarab gun

This. That thing was just a monster.
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#5analogmanPosted 8/4/2012 11:56:53 PM
3 headshot kill.
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#6Bigtymer113Posted 8/5/2012 12:04:43 AM
energy sword
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#7yomi52Posted 8/5/2012 12:20:11 AM
halo ce magnum
#8PredskullPosted 8/5/2012 4:53:30 AM
The needler - it fires flesh seeking pink needles that explode!
#9marathonplayer1Posted 8/5/2012 6:05:25 AM
sentinel beam was the S***! No better weapon.

F***ing bzzzzzzzzzzz, motherf***ers. Hahahaha. You dead boy!
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#10adz_91Posted 8/5/2012 8:38:30 AM
Assault rifle, Chiefs main weapon.
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