Halo 4 receives its first review: 6/10

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4 years ago#1
wow!!!! that sucks for xbox
4 years ago#2
How can it be reviewed when it hasn't come out yet?
4 years ago#3
In this topic: Troll

Recommended course of action: Ignore topic
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4 years ago#4
i bet it was one of the people that got banned from live. they just be mad
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4 years ago#5
I really think is should be 5/10. Terrible review giving way too much praise
4 years ago#6
Post a link or you're a liar.
4 years ago#7
Link or it didn't happen.
4 years ago#8
This attempt at trolling is horrid.
4 years ago#9
the same rating as your trolling attempt gets
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